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11 Most Popular Monkeys Breeds in the World


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Most popular and intelligent animals in the world. These animals are considered to be very smart


Capuchin Monkey

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One of the most widely adopted monkey breeds as pets is the capuchin monkey. It is recognized for its humor, skill, and social intelligence.


Squirrel Monkey

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One of the smallest species of intelligent monkeys, the squirrel monkey is found in the woods of Central and South America.


Spider Monkey

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Spider Monkeys very friendly and playful. These Monkeys are popular as pets animal and easliy avalable in shops and online.


Howler Monkeys

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They are famous for their loud howls, Howler monkeys are the largest of the New World monkeys. 


Marmoset Monkey

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Marmoset monkey is very small & popular as a pet. Marmosets are known for their intelligence, playfulness, and curiosity.


Guenon Monkey

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An African rainforest is the natural habitat of the Guenon Monkey. The French colonialist who first described the species is honoured with its name.


Tamarin Monkey

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Tamarin monkey is smallest of all monkeys and It can be found in the wild in parts of Central & South America.


Macaque Monkey

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Macaque monkeys are the most intelligent and social of all the monkeys. These monkeys live in groups of up to 60 individuals.


Tarsier Monkey

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Tarsier Monkey is one of the most endangered and intelligent species of monkey and it can be kept as a pet. 


Gorilla Monkey

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The Gorilla Monkey is most popular exotic pets. They are very active and playful, intelligent, social, and energetic.


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